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What We Do

Online platform designed for hosting, analysis and sharing of drone data.

We go beyond drone data capture. Our platform is deeply integrated with our client's daily operations. We bring the power of raster and vector data analytics to any device.

Upload your drone maps

Upload any type and size of drone map (.tif)

Search your maps

Search and find your maps from tour online catalogue.

Annotate on your maps

Overlay your maps with pins, comments and annotations.


Share a link for anyone to view the map

Side by Side Comparison

Compare different historical datasets

Field Digitization

Digitise field boundaries using vector files.

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Side by Side Comparison

Overlay and Analyze Multiple Datasets

Swift Lab Suite gives you the ability to overlay upto Three datasets and switch between them effortlessly. An Example would be to overlay NDVI and DSM data on top of orthomosaic and use the slider to see "underneath" each layer


Small-holder farmer mapping

Natively designed for Small-holder farmer mapping

The software has been designed from the ground up to support aerial mapping of hundreds of thousands of small holder farmers. The cloud-native infrastructure ensures scalability, efficiency and reduction of costs at SCALE!

lady analytics
lady analytics


Ground Truthing

Adding phone or camera imagery

From Swift Lab Suite v.3 , it is now possible to add ground truthing data on top of the drone/aerial data! You can upload photos taken from a phone/tablet and use that as annotations and/or part of the report analysis.


Yield Analysis

Small Holder farm utilization feature

The platform makes it easier to delineate farmed area from the overall farm size and automatically calculate the farm utilization as a measure of yield expected. This can be done at scale expecially at small holder level and aggregrate farmer statistics at different administrative boundaries.

lady analytics


Frequently Asked Questions

Can the platform handle BigTiff files?


Do I need fast internet to view the maps?


What are the supported devices to view the maps?

Any phone(android or ios), tablet , PC or Mac that has access to internet.

Is there any training that is required to use the platform?


Is there a limit to how many files can be uploaded?


Is there an option for a trial version?


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