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What We Do

Online platform designed for hosting, analysis and sharing of drone data.

We go beyond drone data capture. Our platform is deeply integrated with our client's daily operations. We bring the power of raster and vector data analytics to any device.

Upload your drone maps

Upload any type and size of drone map (.tif)

Search your maps

Search and find your maps from tour online catalogue.

Annotate on your maps

Overlay your maps with pins, comments and annotations.


Share a link for anyone to view the map

Side by Side Comparison

Compare different historical datasets

Field Digitization

Digitise field boundaries using vector files.

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Layered Insights

Small Holder farm utilization feature

Effortlessly visualize and analyze diverse datasets by overlaying them onto a single integrated platform. Swift Lab's advanced feature allows you to combine different data layers, enabling comprehensive analysis and insights.

Key Benefits

    Enhanced Data Integration

    Comparative Analysis

    Precise Data Alignment


Digitize, Optimize, Succeed!

Accelerating Small-holder farmers' mapping and digitization

Our software is purpose-built to meet the unique needs of small-holder farmers. With a focus on scalability, efficiency, and cost reduction, we provide a cloud-native infrastructure that revolutionizes the mapping process for hundreds of thousands of small-holder farmers.

By leveraging our technology, you can unlock the following:

    Subsisdy Progam Integration

    Access to credit and inputs

    Digitizing field boundaries

lady analytics
lady analytics


Ground Truthing for Ground-Level Perspective

Adding phone or camera imagery

Our platform allows you to incorporate ground truthing into your mapping projects by seamlessly integrating phone or camera imagery with aerial data. By leveraging real-world photos and additional sources of images, you can enhance the accuracy and reliability of your data analysis.

By leveraging our technology, you can unlock the following:

    Validate aerial data with ground-level imagery

    Increase confidence in mapping results

    Improve data quality and credibility


Amplify Growth with Precision

Small Holder farm utilization feature

Our software provides a powerful Small Holder Farm Utilization feature that allows users to analyze and assess the actual utilization of farmland. By leveraging aerial data and advanced algorithms, farmers and stakeholders gain valuable insights into the extent of acreage being actively farmed.

By leveraging our technology, you can unlock the following:

    Optimize resource allocation and maximize productivity

    Identify areas of underutilized or abandoned farmland

    Accurately assess the percentage of farm acreage being utilized

lady analytics

Frequently asked questions

Do I need fast internet to view the maps?

No. Normal Wi-Fi or mobile data speeds are sufficient.

What are the supported devices to view the maps?

Any phone(android or ios), tablet , PC or Mac that has access to internet.

Is there any training that is required to use the platform?


Is there a limit to how many files can be uploaded?


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